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Children’s Birthday Parties, Christening Parties, whatever your child’s party is for we can cater for your needs.

Our New bouncy castle with music lights and a slide great fun and great for parties!  Now a choice of bouncy castles for your party.  We have the super disco bouncy castle Great for Children’s Parties with lights music and a slide. or the Junior our latest addition with a jungle run theme  with obstacles to climb over and round and a great slide at the end, another hit for Children’s Parties. Video supplied by OMI

Our new bouncy castle with Disney Music and slide. Great fun and great for parties
Meeting friends and playing together

Children’s Parties in Llandudno, and Little ones safe at play.  Little ones just have hours of fun in Mad Hatters, while you watch them play safely or why not go on the castle with them?  Or you can watch them play while you have a coffee.

We pride ourselves on our venue being clean and very safe for your little ones. For your Children’s Party our food is made fresh to order and we’re continually improving our facilities and encourage new ideas and suggestions.

We have a under 5’s soft play area with igloo dome, building bricks,a pirate ship and sensory mirror.

We amazing interactive projectors that the children and adults love. They’re getting exercise without realizing, games like squashing frogs, bursting balloons, splashing in puddles.  There are educational games teaching them the alphabet or simple math games. Water scenes where you can ripple the water with your hand and make the fish swim.  Puzzles for the children to do. Music games where the children can play a tune on a xylophone, piano or drum kit , with over 300 games from football, squashing frogs and bursting berries or squashing tomatoes. This really great for Children’s Parties